Matt Pina for Des Moines City Council


Dear Friends,

We are headed into election time again. I want to start by saying “Thank You”. It really has been an honor and privilege to be your council member and Mayor Pro Tem serving this community and the great City of Des Moines.

Since beginning Council service in 2010, much has happened. Through partnerships, community engagement, hard work and focus, we have set the groundwork for Des Moines’ future. Together we are developing a model that will secure Des Moines long-term viability and independence while maintaining the positive and livable waterfront community, we all value. This work continues to be challenging because although we are headed in the right direction, a fare part of the journey is still in front of us.

Our work so far has been focused on updating zoning and evaluating opportunities that will create a sustainable future, while reducing the financial burden on the city’s residents. To start this we had many conversations with the community, local businesses, property owners, real estate brokers, government and many others. We’ve listened and learned a lot. As a result, we have updated zoning and building codes, making it easier and more cost effective for businesses, property owners and citizens to maintain and update their investments. Additionally, we continue to address zoning and aggressively market our available commercial property along Pacific Highway and in the Des Moines Business Park adjacent to 216th. Some successes include: the Artemis Hotel (permitted and preparing to break ground this year), a successful solicitation of development proposals within the Des Moines Business Park, the development of the Health Point facility on Pacific Hwy and the planned redevelopment of the Sea-Mar property.

We need to celebrate our progress, but can’t lose sight of where we need to go. This is why I am running for a second term. We are making solid progress, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

When re-elected to the Des Moines City Council my continued pledge is to:

We have been very focused on the city’s balance sheet. Pencils have been sharpened and expenses have been reduced to a level that is sustainable for now, but not long-term. We have protected essential services, including the recent addition of two new police patrol positions. All departments are evaluating their structure and processes, acting upon money saving efficiencies regularly. Having noted this, it is clear that the future of Des Moines is the development and redevelopment of our underutilized commercial opportunities (i.e. the revenue part of the balance sheet).

As a lifelong resident of City of Des Moines, I have the background, community connection, experience, knowledge, and commitment necessary to see these efforts come to fruition. I am committed to partnering with you and others to complete this journey.

I look forward to continuing our partnerships and serving on your City Council, as we move forward to appropriately develop our opportunities, while preserving the quality of life elements that this community is known for.

Thank you for your support,


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